Warehousing is the storing of physical goods before they are sold. In our warehouse, we safely and securely store products in an organized way to track where items are located, when they arrived, how long they have been there, and the quantity on hand, through our ERP System.

Our products are stored until an order is placed, at which point the order is shipped directly to the consumer from our warehouse in which it was stored. 

Warehousing is an important piece of your supply chain. Warehousing and inventory storage affect everything from efficiently managing inventory to getting orders delivered to customers on time.

Though the principles of warehousing have not changed much over the years, warehousing solutions have evolved a lot. With new technologies, urbanization, and the ever-growing world of online shopping, warehousing has never been a hotter topic — so much so that there has even been a shortage of warehouse space and on-demand warehousing popping up.

Our warehouse management is the strategic day-to-day running of operations in a warehouse to promote, improve, and ensure operational excellence. Managing a warehouse means overseeing all staff, training, inventory, equipment, safety and security, relationships with shipping carriers, and other moving pieces.

Responsibilities include:

  • Forecasting and managing projected volume and labor
  • Ensuring the proper safety gear is used and best safety practices are followed at all times
  • Obtaining the proper licenses and certifications for anyone operating equipment
  • Maintaining compliance and requirements for regulatory agencies
  • Continuously planning and managing operations as the business grows and becomes more complex
  • Keeping goods secure and accessible and performing warehouse audits as needed
  • Providing clear instructions on how to receive, unpack, retrieve, pack, and ship inventory
  • Setting up bins and other storage spots in optimal places to minimize the effort required to move between destinations
  • Recording all inbound and outbound shipments and collecting the proper documentation